Super Angel 5500 JuicerThe Super Angel 5500 All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer is one of the most efficient juicers on the market today. The Super Angel Juicer is made with heavy duty, all-stainless steel parts, making it very easy to clean and maintain.

The concept of the machine is to extract juice from almost any item rather than crush the item into emulsified mush. The juicer will extract juice from any fruits and vegetables from apples to wheat grass.

The Super Angel 5500 will produce 20% to 30% more juice from fruits and vegetables than other juicers on the market today. The juicer comes with a glass jar for collecting the juice and is refrigerator- friendly to keep juice fresh and cool.

The gears are made from commercial grade stainless steel and will not generate steel shavings.

The feeder tube is of generous size and will take whole or cut up fruits or vegetables. The juicer takes up little space on the counter and the stainless steel construction will match any kitchen décor.

Fresh juice is a vital part of a healthy diet and the Twin Gear Juicer is ideal for making healthy, fresh juice. The juicer is user-friendly with finger tip controls for easy use.

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Super Angel 5000 Juicer Type

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The Super Angel 5500 is an all stainless steel twin gear juicer with a durable, rugged design, as we can see from the heavy duty, stainless steel construction. This high-end juicer triturates (crush and grind into very fine particles) and presses fruits and vegetables with a low rpm. The low speed juicing process generates no heat and very little oxidation, allowing the highest nutrient juice and keeping more enzymes intact.

Super Angel 5000 Juicing Abilities

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Super Angel 5500 stainless steel is a very versatile juicer. It will juice fruits (apples) and hard-root vegetables like carrot to wheat grass and other fibrous produce, with very dry pulp. The abilities of this triturating juicer is not limited to just regular juicing because it also makes nut butter and baby food as well as grinds dry coffee beans. The manufacturer even claimed that this is the only juicer that can extract seed juice and live enzyme calcium.

Super Angel 5000 Features

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The Super Angel 5500 Juicer is the best juicer for those who are juicing for health. It comes with surgical-grade stainless steel gears and its all stainless parts are dishwasher safe. The juicing machine removes 95% of pesticides on the surface of fruit and vegetables. It also features automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing and a reverse button in the event of product jam.

The Angel 5500 juicer measures 19.5?x7.75?x10.5? and weighs in 20.8 lbs. The 3 HP motor of this juicing machine is a powerful, heavy duty motor equipped with a cooling system for producing maximum juice quantity. The durability of all the parts is supported by a 10 year warranty for the motor and other parts.

Super Angel 5000 Cleaning

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Customers report the gears of the Super Angel 5500 are easy to clean. They just pour water on the parts and the pulp just rinses away. But there are a few critical comments related to the screen cleaning. Several reviewers mentioned the screen is tough to clean because the length of the screen is very long and their hands can not reach all the way inside, even when using a brush. To reduce the cleaning time a reviewer suggested juicing produce like lemon after more fibrous produce such as celery.

Super Angel 5000 Operation and Efficiency

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Using 3-stage extracting twin gear system and 3-stage screen system, and with a 3 HP grinding force, this Super Angel 5500 juicer allows you to juice any type of produce and get as much of the juice of your produce as possible. Stage one applies pressure to the fruit or vegetable. Stage two & three grinds and continuously masticates the produce creating more juice and very dry pulp.

If you are juicing for health or for specific therapy and you buy lots of expensive organic produce for that purpose then you must be looking for a very efficient juicer. With the Super Angel 5500 juice maker you can save a significant amount of money because it can extract up to 50% per pound of produce more than its closest rival.

Super Angel 5000 Customer Reviews

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“This quality juicer is a beast of a machine that squeezes every last drop out of anything you want to juice. The Angel is a pleasure to use, easy to clean and creates delicious drinks with 2-3 times more juice (and nutrients) than any juicer I have owned…(read more here: Super Angel Review)”

“If you’ve got a grand to spare, it’s a good investment for your health and the health of your family. It is very well built and will last a long time. It won’t be thrown away in a few years like a similarly or higher priced laptop…(read more here: Super Angel 5000 Review)”

Amazon Rating: 4.7


Super Angel 5000 Pros & Cons

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Super Angel 5500 prosPros:
Consumers who purchased the Super Angel 5500 Twin Gear Juicer liked the power of making their own juice from their favorite fruit and vegetable combinations. The juicer is easy to use and has multiple settings to produce the desired amount of pulp. Making juice daily assures the consumer of getting the freshest juice loaded with the maximum nutrients and vitamins.

The juicer is sturdy and durable and will stand up to the punishment everyday use will give it. The 3-horsepower motor is rugged enough to crush even the most cellulose fibers. It will unlock all the complex carbs, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals contained in fruits and vegetables.

Super Angel 5500 consCons:

Consumers who purchased the Super Angel 5500 All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer did not find much wrong with the juicer except the price. At first glance, the price seems steep and out of reach for the average juicer. But after seeing the quality construction and seeing it in action, most consumers decided the machine was worth the price.

This juice maker allowed the user to make fresh juice and smoothies every day, as well as soups, dips and sauces. Consumers look at the Super Angel 5500 All Stainless Steel Twin Gear Juicer as an investment in good health. One that will pay off with continued consumption of the quality juice the machine produces.

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