Want to learn about the Omega J8006 vs J8004?

Omega J8006 vs J8004

When comparing the Omega J8006 vs J8004 single gear masticating juicers both the models feature quiet operation, dual-stage extraction at a low RPM and an automatic pulp ejection system for continuous juicing.

Both the heavy duty commercial construction juicer machines easily juice high yield leafy greens and wheat grass resulting in a very dry pulp.

You may already know the user friendliness — easy to assemble, operate, and clean – of these Omega juicers. But you may want to know the differences between the two and which model is right for you.

Below we’ve highlighted the differences between the Omega j8006 and the Omega j8004 juicers.

Omega J8006 vs J8004 – Differences Between The Two

Both Omega J8006 and J8004 juicer machines will produce plenty of fresh juice with very little oxidation allowing you to store the juice for several hours without sacrificing quality of taste or nutritional value.

Another interesting thing to consider is that both of these juicers can be used to make more than just fresh juice.

The Omega J8004 and Omega J8006 are multi-tasking units able to produce nut butters, baby food, sauces, mince herbs and can even be used to grind coffee beans. They are well rounded machines that can easily replace the individual machines and reduce clutter in the kitchen.

For the most part, the Omega J8006 and J8004 are exactly alike. The main differences are that the Omega J8006 comes in chrome and black, while the Omega J8004 comes in white only.

This could be important if you are sitting the machine on your counter top and want a design that is more sleek and modern looking.

Omega J8006 vs J8004 – And The Winner Is?

Both Omega J8006 and J8004 juicer models offer low rotation speed of 80 RPMs — meaning no foaming, no clogging, and no heat build-up — features, but these kitchen appliances only have very subtle difference.

The decision whether to buy the Omega J8006 vs J8004 juicer depends on whether you want to spend $40 more for chrome or black color rather than white one. If you’d rather keep the $40 for “a cosmetic difference” then the Omega J8004 is right for you.

However, if in order to match your kitchen interior design you need a chrome or black color then the Omega J8006 is the best juicer for you.

That’s the Omega J8006 vs J8004 juicer comparison. Which model do you think is the best for you?

The model 8006 is available at Amazon for just under $300, but the model 8004 has a similar feature set for about $50 cheaper. If color is not an object and you want great value for the price you pay, we would recommend you get the Omega 8004.

Our Pick: Omega J8004 Commercial Masticating Juicer