how to buy a juicerLooking to buy a juicer?

With huge numbers of brands and models of machines out there it might be difficult for you to decide what juicer to purchase. But it actually is not that hard to get the best juicer if you have the knowledge.

You just have to determine your juicing requirements and then compare different makes and models to discover the best juicer that meets your specifications and budget.

And the best of all, you want to find the place where you can get one with the lowest price.

This is the second part of the juicer buying guides, where the first part covers tips for choosing a juicer. This part offers steps for knowing your juicing needs, key benefits of a juice maker, types of machines available on the market, and the best place to get one.

Understanding Your Juicing Needs

Vegetable JuiceFirst, understand exactly your juicing needs. What is the purpose of juicing? Is it for health or for a certain therapy?

The idea of juicing is for you to get the nutrients that you needs more conveniently than through directly consuming your produce that may come in the form of certain fruits or vegetables. For this purpose, make sure you know the majority of foods to be juiced.

Once you know the produce to be juiced find out how often you’ll be juicing and how much juice to be made.

Is it more than once a day or just several times a week? Is it for one person or for the whole family?

Frequency and volume of juicing determine the durability and the capacity of your juicer. You will only need to buy an entry-level juicer for less frequent use and low volume juicing and a higher-end one for daily, high volume use.

Finally, you will need to set your budget.

Juicers come in different performances and prices. The price tag of juicers available on the market goes from just under $50 to more than $1,000. You’ll want to find the best juicer on the market that meets your needs and affordable as well.

6 Key Factors to Consider When Buying A Juicer

1. Ease of use and clean up

how to buy a juicerYou will need a certain amount of time for assembling, disassembling and cleaning up regardless whether you make a glass of juice or several jars of juice.

The best juicers are both fast and easy to set up and clean up. This is even more important if you want to juice everyday.

2. Juice quality

A quality juicer is the one that makes great tasting juice without losing the quality of nutrients you can get from its original fruits and vegetables. For this purpose, make sure you know upfront how long you can keep your juice before you actually consume it.

3. Yield

The best juicers can extract at least 15% more than average juice extractors per pound of produce. This is the benefit that you are looking for if you buy a juicer for juicing expensive, organic fruits and/or vegetables.

4. Warranty

Want to know how long will a juicer last? Just check the warranty.

Average juicers have a 1 year warranty but the best juicers may offer you a 5 year or even 15 year warranty.

5. Speed

Operation speed is another factor to consider when buying a juicer.

There are centrifugal juicers that can have speeds of 12,000 RPMs or more but you can also find masticating juicers that operate at less than 100 RPMs. Total time invested and types of foods for juicing are keys to selecting the speed of a juicer.

6. After sales support

Wear and tear parts of a juicer are a necessity for continuous operation of a juicer.

Let’s say you make juice everyday and you only have a juicer. Do you want an uninterrupted juice production? If so, only buy a juicer from a reputable manufacturer that can send replacement parts in days.

Types Of Juice Makers

There are three kinds of juicers available on the market: manual and electric citrus juicers, juice extractors and vegetable juicers.

“What is the best juicer for my specific juicing needs?”

Citrus juicers are designed for making juice from lemons, limes and oranges. If a citrus juicer is all you need, determine how many glasses or jars of juice you want to make and how fast.

Consider choosing a good manual citrus juicer model for low volume and an electric or even an automatic one for high volume and high speed juice making.

Juice extractors or centrifugal juicers are general purpose juicer machines that you can use to juice a variety of fruits and vegetables.

If your juicing needs require different types of fruits and vegetables a top juice extractor, like Breville 800JEXL, can offer you speed and convenience.

You may want to buy a juicer that is more affordable for soft produce and low volume or a higher end one for hard produce and high volume.

Vegetable juicers are like the centrifugal juicers in term of their ability to handle fruits and vegetables.

They come in with single-gear (masticating) models and twin-gear (triturating) models. However, as the name implies these juicers are more suitable for juicing vegetables.

So if vegetables are the majority of the produce that you juice then a great masticating juicer, like Omega J8006 — or, a triturating juicer for a higher efficiency on all types of vegetables — is all you need.

Which Juicer To Buy?

omega j8006 and how to buy a juicerIn this step you may already know your juicing needs and a list of juicers that meet the requirements.

Before you actually buy a juicer, make sure you narrow down your list by evaluating each juicer machine. You may want to know the essential benefits of the juicers you’re looking for. And then select suitable juicers based on your needs.

Finally, just make juicer comparisons based on typemake, model and budget to pick the best one for you.

For example, reading the Omega VRT350 vs J8006 comparison is great when you want an Omega juicer but still undecided when it comes to selecting the best model for you.

Alternatively, you may want to learn from reviews of the top brands and models that you want, like the Breville 800JEXL or read our recommendation on the best juicers to buy.

Where To Buy A Juicer?

Now you are ready to buy a juicer that you want.

You have chosen a specific make and model of juicer. Before ordering it you’ll want to compare the prices with different retailers so you can get the best price.

Alternatively, you can go directly to a reputable retailer or a favorite store and get your juicer at a reasonable price.

If you are are ready to get a juicer you can go to Amazon and look at their best sellers.

This retail giant has reached the economic scale where they can offer cheaper prices, and free shipping, compared to other online retailers. What’s more, their customer service is excellent.

You may not appreciate the importance of this benefit until you buy a juicer and it comes to you with unexpected after sales problems.

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